Inside Solution Provider in Garfield Heights, OH at Advance Auto Parts

Date Posted: 5/26/2021

Career Snapshot

Career Description

Job Description

Job Descriptions/ISP Responsibilities

An Inside Solution Provider, or ISP, is an Advance teammate assigned to work in the CarMax facility. The primary function of an ISP is to be the key contact in providing CarMax with any and all product solutions. The teammate should be someone who possesses strong people skills, represents the CARQUEST/Advance Brand, and will work hand in hand with CarMax associates as an enabler to meet their established goals. The Advance teammate is to add value and eliminate waste consistently in a prompt and professional manner.

The ISP teammate works as a liaison between the CarMax facility and the serving Advance store. Some of the key functions include, but are not

limited to; entering on demand WebLink orders, submitting daily or periodic stock orders, assisting CarMax in reducing their Original Equipment parts spend, expediting order ETAs, and being the key contact for CarMax.

The decision to staff a particular CarMax location with an ISP is made jointly by CarMax and the Strategic Accounts Team. Several factors weigh in the decision including facility production levels, type of facility, reconditioning process used (flow or traditional), the proximity of the serving Advance store to CarMax, and the needs of the CarMax team.

CarMax facilities that are not utilizing an ISSP require consistent visits by

Advance Teammates. GMs, DMs, CSMs, CAMS, and other members of the Management Team are encouraged to meet with the local CarMax team to discuss how we can best serve them while being proactive in solving any challenges that may arise. 

Let’s examine the specific job description:

Daily Responsibilities:

* Dress code will consist of the current Advance uniform.  

*  CarMax production meetings as requested by the local CarMax management team.

* Identify cars that are in parts hold and look for solutions to help get these cars in parts ready condition.

* Reduce OE spend.

* Work with CarMax parts manager to identify product that is being purchased from New Vehicle Dealers that is available through our network.

* Coordinate product training and awareness that gives technicians assurance that they are getting OE product or its equivalent from CARQUEST, Advance and WORLDPAC.

* Train CarMax associates on electronic catalog systems.(WebLink)

* Obtain “Recon Route Sheet” (Traditional CMX Type)‐ list of cars coming in to be reconditioned and verify that you have the basic market basket of product on hand at servicing store (brake pads, rotors, wiper blades, oil and air filters).

* Review cars that are in wholesale for potential parts that would otherwise be sourced from the OE car dealers. Locations where CarMax provides list.

* Identify product that needs to be stocked at either CarMax or the serving Advance store.

* Create daily or periodic stock orders.

* Receive and put away Advance stock orders.

* Monitor delivery times on aftermarket and fast moving parts and look for opportunities to improve service levels.

* Follow up on ETAs.

* Provide service issue feedback to the Advance store.

* Track RTVs, cores, and warranties for prompt resolution.

* Source OE products where CarMax does not have good dealership relationships.

* Access list of Advance/CARQUEST websites on late model cars that take special fluids.

* Provide positive feedback regarding any challenges, concerns, or opportunities to CarMax management team.

* Anticipate CarMax’s needs and offer potential solutions.

* Complete and send, via email, weekly activity report to appropriate contacts supplied by the ISO Team.

Work Schedule

The CarMax ISSP is a full‐time position. ISSP work schedules will be determined by the serving Advance/CQ store manager based on CarMax needs. Typically the ISSP will work a daytime schedule when CarMax is at full production.


Several tools are provided to the ISSP teammate. All company guidelines must be followed when using the provided equipment.

1. Laptop computer: the equipment has capabilities to access Weblink, Exploris (locations utilizing Exploris at our store), SpeedDial, CARQUEST Link, and the Internet using air card wireless technology or a hard wired DSL connection. Note: the CARQUEST computer use policy must be signed by the ISSP teammate prior to receiving equipment.

2. Weblink: an active Weblink account for the CarMax location.

3. Web‐mail account: a unique web‐mail account for the ISSP teammate to communicate issues to the management team. Note: web‐mail address format –  for Exploris locations

APAL stores: teammates regular email for APEX/APAL locations.

4. Cell phone: company‐supplied cell phone for company business.

5. PCard: ISSP teammate will have access to the serving Advance/CARQUEST store manager’s PCard to make outside purchases for CarMax. Note: credit and spending limits will be set and reviewed by the ISO