At Advance Auto Parts, we are proud to support our nation’s military veterans. This includes providing rewarding career opportunities for military veterans who are ready to enter the civilian workforce. The skills you’ve developed throughout your years of service are skills we look for when hiring new Team Members. Skills like teamwork, leadership, and problem solving, to name a few.

When you join Advance Auto Parts, you’ll find many opportunities to connect with other military veterans and give back to organizations that support military veterans and their families. We are proud to have more than 6,000 military veterans among our active Team Members, and we have publicly committed to hiring 10,000 additional military veterans over the next five years. We hope you’ll consider joining our ranks!

Veteran Hiring Pledge
Best of the Best 2020

Profiles in Diversity Focused on Military/Service

Chip Schwengels

Jamie Bates


(Serve, Educate, Recruit, Value, Inspire, Celebrate and Empower)

Mission: The S.E.R.V.I.C.E. network is a community of veteran Team Members of any service or public service, their families and people with a PASSION for their country's service members. We share a common focus on giving back in service of our veteran community through elevating, developing and retaining the unique skill sets that every veteran offers and to further GROW the Advance Auto Parts organization and the communities we serve.


"My service in the Army has given me a positive attitude and has had a positive impact on the work I do and the people I work with. During my deployment to Afghanistan, staying positive and focusing on outcomes allowed me to execute against what, at the time, seemed like an unachievable goal...”

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