Asset Protection Specialist in Enfield, CT at Advance Auto Parts

Date Posted: 7/3/2019

Career Snapshot

Career Description

Job Description

Brief Role Description

The Asset Protection Specialist is primarily focused on the prevention and investigation of losses that have occurred by theft or fraud in their assigned market.  The position requires auditing and the use and expert knowledge of certain exception based reporting tools, CCTV and other internal/company reporting that aids in the identification of stores or TMs that are creating a loss to the organization.   The specialist will act as a liaison between District Managers, Regional Asset Protection Managers, Regional Human Resource Managers and the Asset Protection leadership team as required.   Additionally, the Specialist will be called on to interact with members of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, to include police officers, detectives, attorneys and judges.

All team members are accountable for demonstrating all leadership competencies. Our Leadership competencies are linked to our Cultural Beliefs umbrella, and provide a common framework for how we think and talk about leadership across the enterprise.

Live Our Values               

Hire & Develop the Best

Lead with Courage         

Passion for Customers 

Dive Deep          

Deliver Winning Results

In addition, below are role-specific critical skills and behaviors that are most important for succeeding in this role. Also listed, critical/developmental experiences needed, recommended training courses, any necessary certifications or specific qualifications as well as potential cross functional experience that could aid in growing your career. Your manager can be a valuable resource as you focus on your development and career planning, be sure to keep him or her informed regarding your development efforts and future career plans.

Deliver Winning Results


•Voluntarily seeks out new or extra responsibilities and challenges

•Completes own work with minimal guidance

•Acts on own initiative without being prompted

•Goes beyond what is expected

Dive Deep          
Problem Solving              

•Gathers and analyzes the most critical information needed to understand problems

•Advances problems toward resolution despite ambiguity or uncertainty

•Draws upon experience when interpreting data

•Understands the implications and ripple effects of decisions

Deliver Winning Results


•Takes ownership of work

•Conscientiously and thoroughly completes work in a timely manner

•Consistently honors commitments and responsibilities

•Exhibits a professional demeanor when interacting with others

•Is open about mistakes and learns from experience to avoid making same mistakes

•Protects sensitive and confidential data

•Proactively surfaces errors and looks for ways to fix issues

Lead with Courage

Communication Skills    

•Communicates with others in a way that fosters the organized, clear, accurate, and timely exchange of information

•Tailors message so appropriate for the intended audience

Dive Deep

Subject Matter Expertise            

•Actively maintains, builds, and applies subject matter expertise required to accomplish business and work objectives

•Holds other responsible for keeping up to date with applicable laws, policies, and guidelines

Critical/Developmental Experiences Needed                   

•The ability to motivate and train store associates is an essential function of this position. The role of teacher, trainer, and mentor cannot be overemphasized.

•Form and maintain effective partnerships; and can influence other through interactions with other members of the Asset Protection Team as well as a diverse group of AAP leaders to potentially include District Managers and Regional Human Resource Managers

•Investigate and report matters of potential dishonesty involving team members, vendors, and external subjects.

•Investigations can include, but are not limited to a review administrative paperwork that has been generated by the store staff during the normal course of business and all other exception reports and case leads as provided by the Asset Protection Analytics team. 

•Identifies causes of shrinkage in stores and reports it to the District Manager and Regional Asset Protection Manager for appropriate action and follow-up.

•Ensures that refunds and exchanges of merchandise for either cash and/or credit are not only completed in accordance with corporate guidelines, but are also legitimate.

•The ability to analyze trends and present solutions is critical to success in this position.

•Conduct interviews to gather facts during investigations and audits to ensure that team members are aware of, and complying with, company policies and procedures.

•Effectively communicate and document all activities pertaining to investigations- concluded and on-going.

•Prepare clear, detailed, and accurate reports detailing investigation and audit activity. 

•Maintain and manage case file information and evidence as well as timely updating of the case management software (LPMS).

•Complete and forward all copies of completed audits, and/or investigations to appropriate management personnel.

•Be familiar with the varying statutes of the jurisdictions in which investigations take place.

•PC knowledge and familiarity with Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Recommended Training              

•Wicklander-Zulawski Interviewing & Interrogation Certified

•Reid Technique




Certifications / Qualifications

•Bachelor’s Degree (B.A) from four-year college or university

•or one to two years related experience and/or training

•or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred.