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Digital Platform Architect in Raleigh, NC at Advance Auto Parts

Date Posted: 1/24/2019

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    Raleigh, NC
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Career Description

Job Description

Join the AAP Digital Products Team and start reimagining the future of automotive retail. Disrupt the way consumers buy auto parts and join a fast-growing e-commerce team to take on the industry’s biggest challengers. We are charged with executing AAP's top-down commitment to Digital expansion.

The focus here is on our customers -- how we make them happy, earn their trust and create loyalty. The Digital development team is responsible for rapidly developing and deploying solutions that will drive the customer experience and, ultimately, enhance our bottom line as an organization. This team plays an integral, high-visibility role in working across the company’s Marketing, Digital, and IT organizations.

As a Digital Platform Architect, you will play a key role in designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure that will drive our technology platforms. You'll focus will be not only on the underlying resources, but on tying together all the elements of the whole stack. Successful candidates will thrive in an agile environment, embrace DevOps culture and practices, and help mentor other team members as needed. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Be a hands-on leader in designing and executing the platform architecture for AAP's next-generation e-commerce platform. This is not just another version number; it's real transformation.
  • Take ownership of a key Team Digital seat. As Digital, we report up to marketing, which is fabulous in myriad ways. But this is a big organization, with specialist teams for DevOps, IT and InfoSec. That's what makes this role, within Digital, so crucial to stretching the field and allowing us to be a truly full-stack, true DevOps shop.
  • Governance across the spectrum: security, compliance, best practices and real integration. 
  • Advocate, evangelize, and show the way toward real integration across the spectrum of components, platforms and channels.  Engage the whole system, of which online retail is only part of a single integrated inventory, logistics and fulfillment monolith.  Opportunities are rare that challenge us to make so big a difference to something so large.
  • Be an evangelist in the vanguard of a truly agile, true DevOps, true CI/CD culture here at AAP. 
  • Be a key player and an idea person in the strategic and tactical conversations about our building-block components.
  • Facilitate peer review and cross-pollination between skillsets on the team. 
  • Share knowledge generously; help AAP to be a place where individuals come to grow.
  • Manage and distribute shared responsibilities across your team.
  • Always be mindful of what we're building, why, and for whom.  Understand that our customers are can-do people who love to build, just like us.


  • Serious Cloud: our short-term focus is AWS, but we're also interested in your knowledge and experience with Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, etc.  This position will assume you to be very well equipped across the whole landscape of AWS services, on day one. It's the combination of what you know, what you've built, what you've solved.
  • DevOps true believer: the whole picture, comprised of true (lowercase "a") agility, true CI/CD, and building teams.
  • Infrastructure as Code: we'll push hard toward automation, DRY, and complete multi-tier environments on demand. We mostly know CloudFormation and Terraform, but we'll be very open to your ideas as well.  Over the coming year, we'll build a complete, version-controlled, fully iterable codebase for our web stack.
  • Ci/CD pipeline: ability to fully architect and operate multi-stage environments, Jenkins/Teamcity, rapid build/deploy in Agile context.  Empowering developers without asking them to be sysadmins.
  • P2V/V2V: the right fit for this role will probably have experience at migrating and moderning legacy platforms. Everything we're building is in the cloud, but you've hopefully been in your share of actual data centers. 
  • AWS costing and efficiency: we'll expect you to be a high-level thinker, with deep understanding of AWS cost factors, as they overlap and interact.  Serious about security: AAP has a dedicated security team and we don't expect you to be CSO.  That said, Team Digital will need a leader in the realm of security, good governance and best practices at every step, and this role encompasses that.
  • HA/DR: you will be a key player in architecting and executing our multi-account, cross-region, multi-AZ redundancy and high-availability strategies.
  • Serverless architecture, microservices, MQ.
  • Data stewardship: again, you'll work with specialists including not just DBAs, but our entire data science, AI/ML analytics team.  And we hope that's interesting to you.  But your practices will be crucial our data's security, privacy, compliance, redundance, high performance and high availability.  So your experience working in data-intensive environments is of great interest to us.
  • Networking: strong TCP/IP-fu; public/private addressing; subnetting; firewalls; DNS.  AWS VPC, AZs, regions, Route53 should all be chapter and verse.
  • Experience in, and comfort level with, compliance/governance-centered environments. 
  • Conceptual familiarity with APIs, API integration, and the API layer as the glue in a diverse, loosely-coupled, multi-tiered environment.  MuleSoft experience will be a plus.
  • Experience working in an agile fashion as we do speak Agile/Scrum, and it's where we're heading, so we value your experience, specifically as it ties back to DevOps.
  • Experience in using/integrating with digital marketing tools and technologies: 3P tags and tag management, SEO/SEM/SEP.  Again, we have professionals for this, but your comfort level and experience will add value.
  • Experience at optimizing e-commerce platform performance, including page-load speeds, conversion rates, etc.  Real-world experience working with optimization specialists is a plus.
  • Version control: GitHub, BitBucket, Stash, etc.  Both from the architectural standpoint, and because your IaC lives here as part of the codebase.
  • Experience with Jira, Confluence and Atlassian tools in general is a plus
  • Demonstrated communication skills: written, verbal, and at the whiteboard.  We want you to be effective at working and sharing ideas across business and IT/development teams.


  • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience.
  • 7-10 years' experience overall.

    AWS Solutions Architect, Professional: certification and/or demonstrable expertise to an SA-P level.  All AWS credentials will be pluses.