Director, eCommerce Merchandising in Raleigh, NC at Advance Auto Parts

Date Posted: 8/9/2019

Career Snapshot

Career Description

Job Description

Create strategies & actions that will drive profitable e-commerce sales.  Determine right vendor, assortment & product selection.  Work cross-functionally to monetize e-commerce & supplier negotiation for offers and placement.  Define consumer value proposition, focus on new trends. Create PRO/B2B merchant strategies, define future merchant omni-channel roles.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:  List up to 6 key roles and responsibilities in order of importance.   Next to each, indicate the approximate percentage of time spent on work related to that responsibility.

1. Define merchandising ecommerce strategy.  Create detailed plans on hit financials. 25%

2. Manage and develop 2 CMs & 1 Merchandise Specialist. 20%

3. Own online vendor & SKU assortment for B2C/B2B includes e-commerce FDO. Identify & partner to launch new businesses on-line.  Develop best practice to lower owned inventory utilizing on-line resources. 20%

4. Develop best practices, focus on vendor and SKU set up, on-line merchandising & complete solution. Simplify consumer experience with driving top sellers, eliminate duplication. 15%

5. Drive awareness and train merchant team on e-commerce SOPs.  Identify other gaps and opportunities in e-commerce merchandising, implement solves. 10%

6. Partner with team, drive assortment & collaborate on Line & BOPUS customer experience. 10%

Interactions:  Describe the nature and level of interactions this job has with others, both internally and externally.  Explain any specific interpersonal skills necessary to successfully perform this role.

This leader will create & align strategies with marketing ecommerce, merchandising, supply chain & inventory teams. Create partnerships with new vendors and expand existing relationships. Will need to be innovative and move forward new ideas.  Need a highly collaborative leader with strong communication skills.  Merchant and/or ecommerce merchandise skills needed.         

Problem Solving: Describe the nature and complexity of the problems this job encounters on a regular basis. What level of innovation is required, if any? What factors are likely to add to the complexity of resolving issues?

Initially will need to discover current business practices and then define single SOPs, gain internal partnership on go forward actions.  Define a RASI between teams who are currently managing parts of ecommerce.  To be world class ecommerce will need to work through IT & SC opportunities to present best customer facing experience.  

Leadership: Describe the level and extent of direct leadership for this position.  People Manager evaluations should be submitted with an Organization Chart including the title/level and HC of the team managed.   

This leader will have 2 SR CMs or CMs as direct reports and a Merchandise Specialist.  Will work with CMs on strategies and tactics and provide support to garner resources.  Coach and mentor directs on process and best practice.